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Campsite Rules

  1. A general lights-out and quiet time starts at 23.00 hours and lasts till 07.00 hours the following morning.

  2. Rubble walls must not be dismantled.

  3. Vehicles are not permitted on the pitches. Vehicles must be parked at all times in the parking area.

  4. Smoking is prohibited throughout the campsite. Smoking is only permitted outside the main gate.

  5. Digging of trenches in pitches is permitted only if the pitch is left in its original state.

  6. Campfires and cookouts are permitted only in the designated area or in fire drums.

  7. Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times.

  8. Washing of vehicles is not permitted.

  9. Attaching decorations to the walls is not permitted.

  10. The Zurrieq Scout Group is not liable for any lost/stolen items and injuries. All items are kept at the owner's risk.

  11. Campers will be asked to pay any breakages or missing campsite items.

  12. The campsite must be kept clean at all times. The premises must be cleaned before departure.

  13. The Zurrieq Scout Group reserves the right to use the property for its own purposes without interfering with the campsite guests.

  14. Kitchen utensils must not be washed in the shower sinks.

  15. Great care should be taken of trees and shrubs – charges will be imposed on individuals causing damage.

  16. The Campsite Personnel must be notified in advance of any visitors.

  17. Any members/groups not abiding by these rules will be asked to exit the campsite immediately.

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